This is beautifully written, Martin. Thank you. I also believe humans are complex and imperfect beings (white women included) and I can’t fathom in what world it’s appropriate to trash a man the world is grieving within two minutes of his death. My heart aches so much for his family.

My boyfriend (a black man) and I had a conversation about the whole crossing the street/avoiding white women thing. I told him how I no longer cross when I see a black man at night, to show I’m not racist, and he said “babe, when I see a white woman I really wish she would cross!” … for fear of a false accusation.

So now I cross again, for the same reasons. I wish there were a way, telepathically, to say “I see you and send love, fellow imperfect human” in those moments but alas.

Thank you for your words. The world lost a great one.

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