Ray, I won’t deny that I’m the product of a racist society and racist conditioning that I’m constantly working to do un-do. But I don’t think I ever claimed I wasn’t racist for dating a black man. I’m aware there are also people who would say I’m racist *for* dating a black man.

Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly above. My “cross the street” statement was in direct response to Martin’s line: “I sincerely try to walk past any white woman I see in public so she knows I’m not a threat.” I didn’t mean that as a universal rule but more as a metaphor for: I’m now aware of that feeling and try to be sensitive to it, depending on the situation, rather than thinking I’m doing the right thing when it could be making him uncomfortable. (FWIW, to the comment above, my boyfriend’s comments weren’t sarcastic. He has a record and is hyper aware of false accusations.)

Most of all, I’m just sorry we can’t celebrate someone like Kobe at a time like this without harping on their shortcomings.

Anyway, with that said I’m certainly not perfect. I’m human (and I will watch the video!)

Love to you all.

📬. Writer & Storyteller ⚖️. Outspoken Advocate for Criminal Justice Reform 🎙 Developing a podcast on incarcerated love: www.alicia-kenworthy.com

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