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  • Liat Portal

    Liat Portal

  • Tony Meehan

    Tony Meehan

    Engineering @ Elastic. Husband, father, amputee. https://medium.com/@snowboardvstree

  • Nicholas MANDELBAUM

    Nicholas MANDELBAUM

    I cannot say I'm a poet, can I?

  • Jeff Bussgang

    Jeff Bussgang

    Former entrepreneur turned VC @Flybridge, teach @HBS, author of Entering StartUpLand and Mastering the VC Game

  • Ben Zotto

    Ben Zotto

  • Theron McCollough

    Theron McCollough

    The Founder VC; founder/CEO at fiifi.co; past Managing Director @SVB_Financial #startups, Investor at Forum Ventures, Venture Partner with Stage Fund

  • Michael East

    Michael East

    Freelance writer. Writing on true crime, mysteries, politics, history, popular culture, and more. | https://linktr.ee/MichaelEast

  • Trey Wilson

    Trey Wilson

    Senior Software Developer that enjoys trying to help other developers learn anything about software.

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