Amen, Naomi. Thank you for sharing this. I moved to San Francisco after graduating from college and spent four years in that bubble. At first I bought into the hype. Then I very quickly became disillusioned. It felt like I was encouraged to squash any part of myself that wasn’t work or tech-related. I found myself drinking way too much wine at a local French wine bar after work just to feel anything sensual again. Signed up for a few creative writing workshops just to remember vocabulary that wasn’t tech-related. But overall just couldn’t stomach the insular nature of SF, the inequality and the people who didn’t seem to see a problem. I’m back on the East Coast now, focused on more humanitarian issues and SO much happier.

📬. Writer & Storyteller ⚖️. Outspoken Advocate for Criminal Justice Reform 🎙 Developing a podcast on incarcerated love:

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